Within an industry where production has greatly shifted towards machinery, Three Potters and a Painter is proud to stand in the centuries-old tradition of creating products made entirely by hand.


We have set out to bridge the gap between traditional design, which contains the essence of pottery, and the contemporary embodiment of modern culture. Handmade ceramics are imbued with soul and dimension; there is an allure in their imperfections. Through a collaborative commissioning process with individuals in various fields, unique ranges are developed that symbolize these elements and further contributes to their exceptional character. Items produced are the cumulative result of a shared passion and admiration for exquisite ceramics that is not only functional, but beautiful and elegant. Each item bears characteristics of individuality yet become united as a whole.


We provide and guarantee exclusivity on all ranges developed for our clients. Through masterful craftsmanship each item is designed and produced according to the specifications, needs, dreams, and imagination of the client. We specialize in a variety of techniques and relish in pushing the boundaries of clay, engaging in a process that requires a brave heart willing to embark on an often unpredictable but greatly rewarding journey that turns the exquisite into the extraordinary. For the courageous, no commission is too great or small. Plates comprising a dinnerware set, platters extending to one meter in diameter, and stately vases reaching heights of 1.8 meter are all heeded to with the same measure of attention to detail.

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